How much are new costs and fees now that you’ve taken over the claim?

After purchasing a claim, B2 Kapital charges a default interest . B2 Kapital does not take any provision for collection or recovery of purchased claim, but additional costs may apply in case if collection or recovery needs to be taken before competent court or public notary et etc.

If my account is blocked, can you withhold my protected revenue from it?

If your account is blocked B2 Kapital can withhold in accordance with Article 102 of Law on Execution and Security (Zakon o izvršbi in zavarovanju).

How long does it take for my account to be unblocked after the payment of the debt?

B2 Kapital takes the necessary measures immediately after the payment of the debt, including withdrawing of execution and issuing the confirmation of repayment of the debt. Further steps depends on court deadlines, bank or employer internal rules and etc. Therefore we ask you for patience.

Can my account be unblocked if I could honor the repayment plan?

Your account can be unblocked in accordance with internal conditions and rules of B2 Kapital.

What are the options of repayments that you can offer me?

Regarding the method of repayment of your debt, we strive to be flexible and adjust the repayment as much as possible to your personal financial capabilities. If you can not return the full amount of the debt at once, we can offer you an agreed-upon repayment plan. For more information on possible debt repayment options, contact our Contact Center at +386 (0) 590 81 720 or send an e-mail to info@b2kapital.si

How is my debt transferred to B2 Kapital?

According to Code of Obligation, (hereinafter: “OZ” ), B2 Kapital as a new creditor took over your debt the further process of collecting and recovering. According to the OZ, you should be notified of the credit claim but your consent is not required.

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